Key dates for CAO applications

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Donai??i??t get overwhelmed by college choices

Spun Out,Ai??January 19th, 2015 Donai??i??t know what college course you want? Donai??i??t worry! This time of year can be a very stressful time for young people in their 6th year of school. Mocks are only around the corner, last preparations are going into making sure you are as prepared as possible for the leaving cert […]

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One-fifth of CAO courses have 10 places or fewer

The Irish Times, Thursday, August 27th 2015 The manipulation of CAO points by colleges through the provision of courses with a small student intake is under scrutiny again this year.Ai??The figures show the number of courses with a small student intake is much greater than previously estimated. Of 766 level 8 courses for which data […]

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College choice: the ultimate careers guide

The Irish Times, Wednesday, January 14th 2015 College choices. Maybe youai??i??re lucky and youai??i??ve already got it all figured out. Or maybe youai??i??re unlucky enough to think you have it all figured out. Thereai??i??s a lot to consider. First and foremost: the course, and the area of study you are most interested in. Second, think […]

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Half of parents donai??i??t know how to advise their children on further education

the Journal.ieAi??Nov 24th 2014 A SURVEY HAS found that the majority of parents want their children to progress to further education, but many struggle to offer sufficient advice.Ai??One thousand adults were surveyed by AmA?rach Research as part of College Awareness Week, which is advising school-goers to be ai???college readyai??i??. One in 10 parents did not […]

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