March 2016
I approached Career Choice Consultancy because I was seeking educational guidance on what career path would best suit me. I found the career guidance in my school provided a general guidance for me howeverbuy an essay now Susi’s training as a psychologist allowed for a more in depth evaluation on what I want from my future. The advanced psychometric testing and evaluation allowed me to look at what my strengths and weaknesses were, which helped in directing me on CAO choices. I was thrilled with the consultation as Susi was able to provide me with guidance on subject choices which had previously been a the great gatsby literary analysis essay topics about the green ight very daunting task. Susi doesna��t just offer her expert opinion on what CAO choices and career path would suit you, she also makes sure it reflects your own values, personality and interests.
Aoife O’Shea

April 2016
As a parent wanting to ensure that my children find a career that will be fulfilling, I found using Career Choice Consultancy helped provide clarity for my children. For example Susi was able to proposal essay identify strengths and weaknesses, interest and what motivates them which in turn helped professional custom writing services to clarify various career paths they could take. We found Susi to be detail-orientated and extremely personable, and the service was beyond my expectations in terms of value for money. I firmly believe that this service enabled my son and daughter choose the career path that most suited him. Her holistic approach also involves parents in the process and it helped me understand the process of identifying past secondary school options. I would recommend Career Choice Consultancy to anyone whose child is struggling to decide on CAO courses and career find-bride-scam.com paths.
Deirdre O’Shea